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Welcome to the developer documentation for Varjo headsets!

XR-4 Development documentation

Access Varjo XR-4 documentation from the link above or use the documentation version dropdown.

Get started

Discover how Varjo headsets work, their features, and how they can benefit your projects.

You can develop for Varjo headsets with the familiar 3D tools you use today to create immersive experiences. These tools can easily be adapted to work with Varjo headsets and human-eye resolution.

You can choose to develop for one of these platforms:


Those familiar with Unity engine development can begin straight away. We provide two options for Unity developers. Read about our Unity XR SDK plugin to get started.


For Unreal developers we offer multiple options that vary by skill level. The simplest way to begin is via our Unreal documentation. We provide examples for easier understanding and hands-on experience.


You can develop a Varjo project for custom engines. API endpoints are thoroughly documented with explanations for what you need to start your project. Examples are also supplied and well-documented in code.


If you are developing for XR-3 or XR-1 Developer Edition, navigate to the Mixed Reality section. We explain the differences between VR and MR development, and will guide you through the best practices for MR development.

General information can be found on the Varjo website, including blogs, product information, news, and the Varjo store.

The Use Center contains our Get started guide, as well as sections on Getting to know your headset, FAQs, and downloadable Showcases.