Upgrading to XR-4

Note: you are currently viewing documentation for a beta or an older version of Varjo

When updating from a previous Varjo headset model to XR-4, there are a few things to keep in mind:


  • Varjo account (not required for offline devices)
  • Varjo Base 4.0.0 or newer

Updating projects

  • XR-4 is backwards compatible with previous Varjo software. Anything made for Varjo Base 2.0 (November, 2019) or newer will work. Check feature differencies section below for expected headset behaviour differences.
  • To take advantage of all new features, existing projects must be updated with the latest versions of Varjo XR Plugin. See the developer pages for Unity, Unreal, and Native.
  • When upgrading from another manufacturer’s VR headset, some post-processing features may need to be removed. Custom shaders that use per-pixel information may cause visual artifacts in the focus area. See Post-processing for more information.

Feature differences

  • XR-4 has controllers. Applications may implement support for them. Varjo controllers only work when Inside-out tracking is in use.
  • XR-4 has no programmable application button on the headset anymore.
  • XR-4 Focal Edition has user configurable mixed reality focus. You can control this focus from Varjo Base or directly from your application via mixed reality camera settings.
  • XR-4 implements Ultraleap and SteamVR as an addons. Do not make strict dependencies to them as they won’t be available for every user.


  • XR-4 requires 1 DisplayPort, 1 USB Type-C 3.1 Gen2+ port and USB multipe-ins support.
  • The new headsets have more total pixels, a wider field of view, and other new features that can affect performance. It may be necessary to optimize your projects and/or upgrade computer hardware (such as graphics cards) to ensure a smooth experience. See System requirements for more detailed information.

Varjo VR-1, VR-2, VR-2 Pro and XR-1 Developer Edition are supported up to Varjo Base 3.7.2. Please refer to archived documentation for any information related to them.