Unreal OpenXR features

Note: you are currently viewing documentation for a beta or an older version of Varjo

Unreal OpenXR supported features

* = Requires Varjo OpenXR plugin.

  Varjo Base 3.5
UE 5.0.0
Varjo OpenXR
Varjo Base 3.6
UE 5.0.2
Varjo OpenXR
OpenXR support production-ready Yes Yes
Multi pass stereo rendering Yes Yes
Instanced stereo rendering No Yes
Post process effects No No
Occlusion mask Yes Yes
SteamVR controller tracking & inputs Yes Yes
Eye tracking (simple) Yes Yes
Hand tracking Yes Yes
Enabling video pass-through in runtime No Yes
DX11 Yes Yes
DX12 No Yes
Vulkan No No
Depth testing and depth test range Yes* Yes*
Environment depth occlusion Yes* Yes*
Foveated rendering Yes* Yes*
VR view offset No No
Motion Prediction support No No
Varjo Markers Yes* Yes*
Environment cube map No No
Point cloud No No
Meshing No No
Camera streams No No
Camera controls No No
Chroma key control No No
Full eye tracking support No No
VST post-process shaders No No
Multi-app support No No