Known Issues

Note: you are currently viewing documentation for a beta or an older version of Varjo

Unity XR SDK Known Issues

All Render Pipelines

  • SteamVR Tracker role ‘Held in hand (any)’ does not work with Unity Input System.
  • Unity 2022 LTS onwards 2D UI cannot be overlayed on top of XR camera in builds. Unity issue tracker

High Defination Render Pipeline

  • Enviroment cubemap does not work with IL2CPP.

Universal Render Pipeline

  • Unity 2022 LTS onwards URP/Unlit masking materials do not work.
  • Post processing causes foveation square to be visible.
  • Camera.main.GetStereoProjectionMatrix() returns incorrect matrix.

Built-in Render Pipeline

  • Real time lights cause foveation square to be visible on materials lit by them.
  • Particles cause foveation square to be visible.