Multi-app support

Note: you are currently viewing documentation for a beta or an older version of Varjo

Varjo Base 2.4 introduced support for running multiple applications simultaneously, allowing the image to be constructed using several applications. These applications can be made with different engines or image generators.

Example applications include:

  • Training & Simulation: Use a specific IG to render terrain while using a Unity or Unreal app for rendering the cockpit, hand-tracking, and mission selection.
  • Design & Research: Use a specific application to bring 3D objects on top of another virtual scene with Varjo Markers or with custom-made SteamVR applications.
  • Research & Analytics: Access eye-tracking data while another application is used to render visuals.


Be aware that running multiple applications simultaneously can be very taxing on overall system performance. In many cases you may need to tone down visual quality to achieve satisfactory performance. Multiple GPUs can be used to improve performance, but keep in mind that this requires specific application support. See to the Benchmark example for a reference implementation.

Note that currently there is no multi-GPU support for Unity or Unreal.