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Note: you are currently viewing documentation for a beta or an older version of Varjo

Learning concepts

On this page you can learn about the features of Varjo headsets, basic concepts of what makes Varjo devices extraordinary.

Pick one of the following features which you want to learn more about:

Human eye resolution

When developing for Varjo headsets you can create projects which will benefit from high resolution while not significantly affecting overall performance of the project. Learn more about developmentt benefits of two screens per eye on Human eye resolution page.

Eye tracking

Varjo headset comes with the 20/20 Eye Tracker, our integrated eye tracking functionality. You can use eye tracking in your application, and you can log the information about gaze for analytics. Eye tracking can also be used for interacting with content; you can use it for selecting objects or prompting additional information about a specific object by simply looking at it. Learn more about Varjo’s high accuracy eye tracking from Eye tracking page.

Hand tracking

Varjo’s VR-2 Pro is features built-in hand tracking technology from Ultraleap. It allows you to use your hands without any physical controller, and to reach out with your hands into VR world. Motions like pinching, grabbing, and interaction with objects accommodates a new level of immersion for your applications. Learn more about using Varjo devices with Ultraleap from Hand tracking page.

Mixed reality

Varjo XR-1 Developer Edition is a device combining VR and AR capabilities. Two cameras on the front plate of the device allow you to see the real world with virtual objects or environments within it. Similarly, you can also choose to see only a portion of the real world in the virtual environment. Learn more about mixed reality applications from Mixed reality page.

Third-party tracking systems

Developers are not limited to SteamVR tracking system, Varjo headsets work with a variety of tracking solutions. If you have a tracking solution in mind that you prefer using, you can easily add support for it using our Tracking Plugin API. Learn more about third party tracking solutions from Third-party tracking systems page.

Development without headset

In order to develop application that runs on Varjo headset, or test capabilities of Varjo device, you don’t need to wait for your device to arrive - you can begin development straightaway by using device emulator built-in Varjo Base software. To learn more refer to Developer tools in Varjo Base.